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Natural vertical farm

Daržulis specializes in providing cutting-edge vertical farming solutions. This approach to agriculture involves growing crops in vertically stacked layers or inclined surfaces, maximizing space efficiency and often using innovative technologies. By adopting such methods, the company demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and resource-efficient farming practices.

The company takes pride in cultivating high-quality aromatic herbs with care and expertise. Hand-cultivated herbs often imply a dedication to detail and quality, ensuring that customers receive fresh and flavorful products. This focus on locally grown, artisanal herbs adds a unique touch to the company's offerings.

Daržulis embraces a holistic approach to agriculture by combining traditional farming techniques with innovative solutions. This is evident not only in their use of vertical farming but also in their commitment to providing a variety of fruits and vegetables. The company aims to contribute to a more sustainable and diverse food ecosystem through innovative vertical farming solutions.

Innovative Vertical Farming Solutions

Hand-cultivated Aromatic Herbs

Holistic Approach to Agriculture

Our story

Quality, not quantity

We create technology and quality herbs everyday. It's not something we aspire to - we live by it every day.

We have been carrying out vertical farming activities since 2013. We are one of the first in Lithuania to start such activities. After all those years spent developing and developing various cultivation systems, we can safely say that we know our job and can provide advice to anyone interested in vertical farming.

Our Products

Plants growing "Daržulis" LED lights

"Daržulis" vertical farming systems

Natural herbs


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